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06-Feb-2020 12:00

updating the 2 01 psp-80

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I didn't think it'd start a request chain but since you mentioned this it seems it won't be too hard for me to get future updates : Update 1.40 it hanging while going to the mission with force from Top = 1 master build It hangs after mission.with a lot of 7 Main I[IO]: HLE\sce Io.cpp:863 stdout: �cassert : src/fw/res.c 2718 : : (N/A) 7 Main E[CPU]: Mips\MIPSInt.cpp:186 BREAK!What this probably means is there's some problem with memory allocation somewhere else.PSP_THREAD_ATTR_LOW_STACK really does work on real firmware, but maybe there's something you can do that prevents it from working (or a game id is blacklisted or something.) We also free the module loader stack right away, but I'm starting to wonder if the first 0x4000 bytes of user space are ever available.

Since it's jumping to zero I guess it's probably failing to relocate properly... -[Unknown] I wonder if the relocation is not properly clearing caches. What if you set a breakpoint on that line (the jump there) and then hit "Step Into" twice, and then hit run?

We should rather be lucky that most of the keys are known instead of feeling bothered with those few that aren't.

It's not like you need to spend those extra 20minutes whenever you play the game unless you play it once every few months.

7 Main W[MM]: Memmap Functions.cpp:92 Read From Hardware: Invalid address 135f7351 7 Main W[MM]: Memmap Functions.cpp:92 Read From Hardware: Invalid address 00000430 debuglog it might break the archive (not sure).

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that's what happened to me before although I don't have the 1.40 update to see.Or even make a savestate when it hits the breakpoint, and load it?