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When used in the subquery of a DML statement, you can specify this clause in a subquery in the can be a subquery, a column, a function, or a collection constructor.

Regardless of its form, it must return a collection value—that is, a value whose type is nested table or varray.

This process of extracting the elements of a collection is called refers to a LOB object attribute, then you must first initialize it with a value of empty or null. Also, if you are updating a LOB value using some method other than a direct to set the column to the value previously specified as the default value for the column.

If no default value for the corresponding column has been specified, then the database sets the column to null.

When I ran the SELECT query on its own it returned 163 rows. Here’s the SELECT query I ran Users can have multiple email addresses but the UPDATE query is matching on contact ID in the WHERE clause.

However, when I ran the UPDATE query it updated 210 rows. This would update other addresses associated that contact ID has as well.

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I just found out that Example Conglomerate acquired Osric Publishing’s Oracle consulting business, and so I need to update my contacts database so that all of the Oracle consultants who had @e-mail addresses now have @e-mail addresses.All INSTEAD OF triggers are fired for each row and you cannot narrow down the event by column.Instead you can check to see what columns are updated in the body of the trigger by using the UPDATING ('column_name') clause. tablespace_name, s.extent_management FROM user_tables t, user_tablespaces s WHERE t.tablespace_name = s.

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Question: I want to update multiple rows in my table, and I need to understand how to update multiple columns.You can use a database link to update a remote object only if you are using Oracle Database distributed functionality.

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