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23-Jul-2020 03:08

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$sa_tag_level_deflt is the level at which Amavisd-new will write spam info headers such as X-Spam-Flag, X-Spam-Score and X-Spam-Status.If you would always like header info to be written to all messages, set this value to -999.(FIXME: I'm not aware of any reasons for choosing one protocol over the other so selected to use lmtp on the basis that having local delivery to Amavisd-new show up in the logs as "lmtp" makes the log files somewhat easier to read).Note that the number (2) in the "maxproc" column must match the $max_servers setting in /etc/Scanned mail will then be returned to our MTA using smtp on TCP port 10025 for delivery.Amavisd-new doesn't have to reside on the same physical server as the MTA, and in high load environments it is not uncommon to have Amavisd-new, Clam AV and Spam Assassin on a physically separate server than the MTA.We are going to configure Amavisd-new's daemon, amavisd, to accept mail from our MTA, pass it to Clam AV and Spam Assassin for checking, and then return it back to our MTA for delivery.Amavisd will use lmtp listening on TCP port 10024 to accept mail from our MTA and then pass it to Clam AV using a local UNIX socket and Spam Assassin using the Mail:: Spam Assassin Perl module.

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supports SSL and works with any email client (Outlook, Eudora, etc.), but only with POP3 mail accounts.

Thus, it will not work with web-based email (such as Hotmail), IMAP, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc.