Updating simlock error

24-Apr-2020 18:28

If your carrier releases a mandatory update, you'll see an OK button instead of an Update button to let you know that the update was downloaded and installed.

You can manually check for and install a carrier settings update with these steps: About and look next to Carrier.

Check your bill or the modem itself if you couldn't find it. Mobile Partner software or any other associated software will ask you the network restriction code. Once connected, it will prompt you the code so you can unlock it.

You will probably have to perform some advanced firmware replacement to get it working on your network in some unfortunate situations. Ayesh has tested this on more than 10 different modems and all went without any problem.

Alternatively you could always visit one of my advertisers 🙂 A previous version of this article, detailing installation of firmware version 22.2.414 is available here.

In most models, modem's box has a sticker with the IMEI printed on it. If your software didn't ask you a code, please download the software from the link above.

it might be necessary to install an updated set of drivers onto the router, shown in step one.

This article describes the steps involved in updating the firmware of the Huawei e5776s-32 4G Router. ) user the originals are available at the time of writing at The files needed are nested several layers deep in Zip files, along with some dubiously outdated documentation.

The necessary update files for Windows users have been uploaded to my web server, to make accessing them easier. The original Huawei download also includes Mac and SD Card update options, so is much more flexible.

It goes without saying that any attempt to update firmware is at your own risk, and if it went wrong you could render your device useless. Before you start you need to have available the flash memory password, which can be calculated using this online tool.

One more feature that has been added is support for remote connect and disconnect using the Huawei Mobile app, which may be handy for some people: Some people in the comments have mentioned signal issues.

This isn’t something I’ve come across personally, but an external antennamay help in some situations.

Download firmware version 22.2.00 or get it from the Huawei link above.