Updating shortcut files all at once

14-May-2020 18:39

When I use the Ctrl, ALt F9 key to update all fields within a document the field codes appear, (this is also in the headers as well? The majority of feedback around this change was positive, but, as with most UI changes, there has been a vocal group that preferred the older placement.

This utility is released as freeware for personal and non-commercial use.Shortcuts Man displays the details about all shortcuts that you have on your desktop and under your start menu.Broken shortcuts (shortcuts that point to file that doesn't exist) are automatically painted with pink color.You select one or more shortcuts, and then delete them, resolve them or save the shortcut's details to HTML/Text/XML file.

You can use this utility in all 32-bit Windows operating systems: Windows 9x/ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.

Hi all I have seen a previous post on this but am going to re-post again as my question is slightly different and the advice given to use the Ctrl Alt F9 key does not work.