Updating search site database

11-Nov-2019 06:30

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Do you want to skip the tedious process of manually changing the URLs?

Learn the painless and quick methods to update site URLs across your website.

That is, for many scenarios, modeling your data appropriately will minimize the need for multi-document transactions.

For additional transactions usage considerations (such as runtime limit and oplog size limit), see also Using the aggregation pipeline allows for a more expressive update statement, such as expressing conditional updates based on current field values or updating one field using the value of another field(s).

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You can easily revert in case the update process goes wrong.

When updating a site’s URL we need to know that there are additional things to be taken care of other than just changing the URL in the settings page.

If your images do not have an external CDN, the links to the old URL will be embedded in the posts.

For example, consider the following update operation.

Since the update operation specifies Starting in Mongo DB 4.2, replace document operations attempt to target a single shard, first by using the query filter.Here at Templatetoaster Word Press website builder, let us look at some of the convenient ways to update site URLs when migrating a Word Press site.

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