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16-Mar-2020 12:52

So we start Proc Mon.exe, then set a filter for a process of and an operation of Reg Set Value, like so: We then start the calculator, and we switch it over to scientific mode.The filtered results are pretty short, and we see: It’s doubtful the cryptography entries are anything but chaff, so let’s focus on this setting change for HKCU\Software\Calc\Layout. After this policy replicates around the Domain Controllers and we logon to the various Vista workstations in the domain, Windows Calculator will always start in scientific mode. The Harder Way The logon script method is pretty down and dirty. It also means that we have some settings that are done without really leveraging Group Policy’s registry editing extensions.Every user profile has the file which contains the registry hive that is loaded into the HKEY_USERS and HKCU when a user logs on to the system.This can for example also be loaded when using Run Users can still change it but it will revert when group policy refreshes. Notes My little examples above with Calculator only work on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. ADMX’s can also be used on Vista/2008, but I’m saving those for a later posting as they make ADM’s look trivial. If you want to get really into this, I highly suggest checking out: Using Administrative Template Files with Registry-Based Group Policy – This sample ADM was created by Ned Pyle, MSFT.” · CLASS describes User versus Computer policy.· CATEGORY describes the node we will see in the Group Policy Editor.· POLICY describes what we see to actually edit.· EXPLAIN describes where we can look up the ‘help’ for this policy.· KEYNAME is the actual registry key structure we’re touching.· PART is used if we have multiple settings to choose, and how they will be displayed· VALUENAME is the registry value we’re editing· NAME describes the friendly and literal data to be written So here we have a policy setting which will be called “Windows_Calculator_(Custom ADM)” that will expose one entry called ‘Mode’.

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If I change the registry setting manually with regedit, the registry setting value reverts back to the old value.

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