Updating phusion passenger

02-Oct-2019 04:59

Passenger uses a modified version of the Nginx web server.If you're already using a different web server such as Apache, or already have Nginx installed, this installation will still work. Passenger's documentation indicates that it's possible that these lines may not be there.They provide HTTP transaction handling and serve static files.Application servers make it possible for Ruby apps to speak HTTP.If this is the case, cut and paste the uncommented lines below (remove the #) into

It handles HTTP requests, manages processes and resources, and enables administration, monitoring and problem diagnosis.Ruby apps (and frameworks like Rails) can’t do that by themselves.In a typical production stack, one would use Nginx or Apache as the web server, Passenger as application server, and Capistrano as release automation tool.Crawl through Passenger’s Troubleshooting guide with your coach.

This guide will show you how to configure a Media Temple VPS (DV) or dedicated server to deliver Ruby applications with Phusion Passenger.

It might not make too much sense right now, but your future developer you will thank us.