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07-Apr-2020 10:43

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Slackware has easy-to-use package management features both from the command line and graphically (ncurses-based).But Slackware does not check packages for the presence of libraries they depend on, nor will the package management tools automatically download and install dependencies. Making the process of installing dependencies separate from installing applications means that when problems occur, the process fails gracefully.Going from version 12 to 12.1 is an upgrade in place: installing a new kernel, new tool chain, new software, and upgrading existing software.Going from version 11 to 12.1 required wiping off the existing Slackware 11 installation and putting a fresh copy of 12.1 on the hard drive.

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Most of Slackware 12.1’s improvements are under the hood.One would think that the clean installation would be the easier of the two processes, but the opposite is true.The general idea is to install everything cleanly, and then move your backed-up configuration and data files to the new installation.Pat Volkerding and the Slackware team released the latest version of Slackware Linux, 12.1, on May 2.

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Even though it is a “point one” release, the list of new features reads like what other distributions would consider a major new version.It includes the latest versions of Python, Ruby, the latest modular X11 system, and more.