Updating one table from another table in sql server 2016 women dating up

19-Oct-2019 04:39

The provided methods in this article will compare tables that are hosted in different databases, which is the more complicated scenario, and can be also easily used to compare the tables located in the same database with different names.

Before describing the different methods and tools that can be used to compare the tables data and schemas, we will prepare our demo environment by creating two new databases and create one table in each database, with one small data type difference between these two tables, as shown in the CREATE DATABASE and CREATE TABLE T-SQL statements below: CREATE DATABASE TESTDB CREATE DATABASE TESTDB2 CREATE TABLE

In other situations, you need an easy way to get the YES or NO answer, if the data and schema of two tables are identical or not.

In this article, we will go through the different ways to compare the data and schema between two tables.

You can add SQL functions, WHERE, and JOIN statements to a view and present the data as if the data were coming from one single table.

SQL Server provides us with different solutions to replicate or archive a database table or tables to another database, or the same database with different names.

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In SQL, a view is a virtual table based on the result-set of an SQL statement.

It compares each row value of a table with each row value of another table to find equal values.In the example above, Rows with Id (1,2,3) are deleted from table T2 because it matches with Table1 (Id) Column with Inner join.

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