Updating old kitchen appliances

10-Jun-2020 10:00

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I love that it is more technologically advanced than my current microwave and has functions such as cutting edge Multi-Wave technology meaning that whatever you are doing whether it be defrosting or heating; an even spread of heat is distributed throughout the food.

It also allows for a lower consumption of energy which, when I am trying to be more eco conscious, means a lot to me.

Appliances are a place to sink some money and quickly add value.

Buyers just don’t want to deal with updating appliances themselves, and new appliances are enticing.

I have lived in this house for over four years now and haven’t yet changed any kitchen appliances.

We’ve gone through a few hoovers, an iron or two and even a couple of TVs but so far our kitchen appliances have served us well.

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If you need new countertops, go with granite, if possible.

This is Herman Chan, San Francisco real estate broker extraordinaire and diva. She says, "Herman, we just bought a fixer upper in Pacific Heights.

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