Updating of old row is not allowed in trigger thevalidatingmentor com

08-Dec-2019 18:07

updating of old row is not allowed in trigger-9

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If you had a row named | this answer edited Jun 18 '13 at Eirik 1,382 13 16 answered Mar 8 '13 at Steve 2,527 1 9 20 Thanks @Steve :) – Mitesh Mynee Mar 8 '13 at 1 As referenced in another SO question ( stackoverflow.com/questions/1582683/…), My SQL doesn't (yet?

) support this feature ( forums.mysql.com/read.php? 99,122354,240978#msg-240978), even though its competitors do. – Eirik Jun 18 '13 at 1 It makes full sense @Steve!

For a constraint trigger, this is also the name to use when modifying the trigger's behavior using The (possibly schema-qualified) name of another table referenced by the constraint.

This option is used for foreign-key constraints and is not recommended for general use.

Please check the description of the implementation language of the trigger function to find out how these arguments can be accessed within the function; it might be different from normal function arguments.

updating of old row is not allowed in trigger-8

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updating of old row is not allowed in trigger-4

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If the trigger fires before or instead of the event, the trigger can skip the operation for the current row, or change the row being inserted (for conditions, although the feature is not so useful for them since the condition cannot refer to any values in the table.

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