Updating myspace profile picture dating a marine

02-Sep-2020 09:04

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In order to ensure that people we are potentially going to do business with have a good understanding of who we are, we should get into some useful habits when presenting ourselves online.

When crafting an online profile, it’s important to remember that those who view us only interact with a snapshot of our personality.It may be tempting to concentrate on one platform, such as Twitter or Facebook.However, once you’ve got a handle on your personal brand, you should seek to automate and link all of your social media together.If the brand you want to represent is of one who enjoys fine beers and whiskeys, then a glass in hand is appropriate.

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However, if you’re looking to be hired for an accountancy job, then that image can be quite detrimental.

There’s nothing more unprofessional-looking than trying to click through to a site that no longer works.