Updating ms access database c

04-May-2020 11:08

Once i find the product ID in the text file, i get the price corresponding to that product ID and update the price in the database with the price from the text file.

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I'm able to retrieve data just fine using a SELECT statement on an Ole Db Command object. So say you are on the Deferred Channel and you run the manual update, it may tell you that everything is up-to-date (for that channel) when there are numerous updates available, but only to the Current Channel users! As a Deferred Channel user you’ll need to wait months before they are released to your channel. Because of the instability of the Updates coming out of Microsoft for the past year, I highly urge you to use the Current Channel (now renamed Monthly Channel by Microsoft just to add a little more confusion to this entire mess) which will enable you to implement the most recent updates once they are released to try and mitigate all the issues we have continuously been living through.Although in theory the Deferred Channel sounds ideal (waiting a couple months before implementing updating to ensure they are reliable), but reality has proven this to be unwise as we need to implement updates immediately to resolve problems that were present in the initial release of Office 2016 (couldn’t wait to fix critical problems). This is confusing, since I'm using the same SELECT query here as in the object's data-retrieval method.

The field count is correct, but there are 0 rows in the table.

I’ve already tried to cover the subject of Reverting your Office/Access installation in my previous post Microsoft Office 365 – Uninstall an Update.