Updating maps on nuvi

18-Dec-2019 15:27

On the Garmin site, in the Update Maps section make sure you choose the option labelled nu Maps Guarantee.You will then be prompted to enter the serial number of your Nuvi or Zumo GPS.The problem is the unit will not support any memory card over 2GB.And since the free OSM maps for the US are now over 3GB uncompressed, I literally cannot upgrade the maps in the i5 anymore. I don't have it yet, but it should arrive in the mail a day or so after I publish this. Any 2x0 series would have been fine, be it a 200, 250, 260 or 270. The point is that it's nice the map data is updated so often. Enter Favorites by coordinates whenever possible To the best of my knowledge, every nuvi has the option to manually enter coordinates when you want to.Please note that the nu Maps Guarantee offer only applies to one product and cannot be used with any other Garmin device.We recommend that you always download free map update for Garmin GPS direct from the manufacturer, purely because you can then be assured that what you are downloading will not damage your product in anyway, or invalidate any warranties you might have.

This will almost always cure any GPS satellite weirdness and prevent lock-ups. If sun glare is too much to deal with, get a shade GPS shades have been around for a long time now.That was a bummer, so I needed an alternative backup unit that could support more map data. The going price is between to to get one with mount and bracket, so what I paid was fair. It just so happened that a 200 model is what was available, so that's what I bought. That means solid, fast GPS signal acquisition, and that works just as good today as it did back in 2007. The maximum memory card storage the nuvi 2x0 series can support is 8GB, so the 8GB micro SD card w/SD adapter is what's needed. Additional note: All the older Street Pilot models, meaning the i2, i3, i5, c310, c330, c340, c550 and c580 have a 2GB cap on the SD storage it will support. In other words, for full use of the OSM maps, a nuvi is required since it can support 8GB. Bing Maps is without question the easiest when it comes to getting coordinates.After that, all it takes is stuffing the memory card full of free OSM map data. First, I didn't feel like spending the money on a new one. Garmin will attend to the bugs and release patches as they always do, but new-model bugs are not something I want to deal with. Find a spot on the map, right-click and ta-da, instant coordinate info: For any instance where a street address can't be mapped, the coordinates can be mapped. Use a 2D "Track Up" or "North Up" map view Using 2D gets more usable (keyword there) map info on the screen and in many instances is easier to read on a 3.5-inch screen. Update the firmware (only if the battery still holds a charge) Do a Google search for "Garmin Web Updater," download that, install it and use to update your old nuvi to the last-released firmware for it. Do so on yours, as it will apply necessary patches.Currently, I have a nuvi 40LM and a decidedly old Street Pilot i5, which I'll talk about more in a moment.

The only thing that's gone wrong with the 40LM is that the power button popped off.

If the sun prevents you from seeing your satnav's screen properly, shade it.

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