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The current version contais a flaw that can be used by a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on the CVS server under the user id the CVS server runs as.Anonymous read-only access is sufficient to exploit this problem.But change is coming, and that change will affect anyone who works with hardware or software made or sold by American companies.Silicon Graphics this week launched an initiative that will bring the company's graphics technology to computers running Linux.Now, with the release of SGI Altix 350, a new Intel Itanium 2 and 64-bit Linux OS-based server, SGI is trying to make a major impact on the landscape of the .6 billion midrange segment of this market. The 0 machines are available from the Lindows Web site and at several computer sellers across the United States.Mixing two of the hottest tech trends -- notebook computers and the Linux operating system -- Taiwanese computer maker Elite Group and San Diego, California-based Lindows have announced the deployment of more than 300,000 Linux-based laptops to the U. A few years ago, the only IT system I wasn't responsible for at a multimillion-dollar company consisted of a SCO server with an ancient accounting application maintained by the remaining representative of the company that had originally sold it.The campaign consists of a two-page advertisement, which was featured in six computer industry trade publications this week, that cites a 2002 IDC study that found that Windows 2000 costs organizations less to operate.Computer security researchers are again warning about a critical vulnerability in the Linux kernel that could be used by malicious hackers to take control of systems using the popular open source operating system.

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The software is seen as a key tool in Microsoft's battle against Unix and Linux.Novell, the one-time networking software giant seeking rejuvenation in Linux-related development, completed a 0 million acquisition of Su SE Linux, Europe's leading Linux distributor.

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