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22-Sep-2020 00:22

From a destination workbook, you can easily open the source workbook of an external reference.

For example, you might want to verify that it is the workbook that you want the external reference to point to, or make changes to the source workbook.

Change multiple hyperlink paths at once with VBA code Extract real addresses from hyperlinks with Kutools for Excel Remove all hyperlinks from selection / worksheet / workbook with Kutools for Excel Supposing you have a list of data with the same hyperlinks as following screenshot shown, and with a VBA code, you can quickly replace the old file path or address with a new one. Hold down the ALT F11 keys, and it opens the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Window. Click Insert Sub Replace Hyperlinks() 'Updateby20140220 Dim Ws As Worksheet Dim x Hyperlink As Hyperlink Dim x Old As String, x New As String x Title Id = "Kutoolsfor Excel" Set Ws = Application. Input Box("Old text:", x Title Id, "", Type:=2) x New = Application. See screenshots: Convert Hyperlinks, see screenshot: 2.

Input Box("New text:", x Title Id, "", Type:=2) Application. In the Convert Hyperlinks dialog box, select Hyperlinks addresses replace cell contents option under the Convert type section, and then click the first button to select the range of hyperlinks that you want to extract the real addresses, click the second button to choose a cell where you want to put the result, see screenshot: 3.

Once that is done, search all instances of "C:\Some folder\" and replace them with "=C:\Some folder\" to create all the formulas at once. Because this action cannot be undone, you may want to save a version of the file.

Break a link to a source Important When you break a link to a source, all formulas that use the source are converted to their current value.

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Is it possible to get the data updated without opening the source workbook?

You could copy the formula text for all of the linked cell without the equals sign with minimal slowdown and, once everything is in place, use CONCATENATE or search and replace to add the equals sign to the beginning of all of those text strings then let it crank out all of those links at once.

Let's say all of the data is in a range adjacent to "Named Cell Number One" You could paste "C:\Some folder\someworkbook.xlsm'Named Cell Number One" in the first cell then drag the corner of the cursor to "fill series" as needed.

For some purpose, you may create multiple hyperlinks for your values in the worksheet, and all of the hyperlinks are linked to the same file path or address, but now, you need to replace this hyperlink path with another address at a time.

To change the path of the hyperlinks individually may waste a lot of time, is there a quick way to solve this problem? Then press F5 key to run this code, and a prompt box to let you input your old hyperlink address into the Old text box. Click OK, and another prompt box is popped out to remind you entering the new hyperlink address that you want to use. And then click OK, all the same old hyperlink addresses have been replaced by the new one at once.

Screen Updating = False For Each x Hyperlink In Ws. Then click OK button, and all the real addresses have been extracted from the selected hyperlinks, see screenshot: Click to know more about this Convert Hyperlinks feature.

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