Updating layer states

16-Apr-2020 06:29

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When a layer is locked, the Lock icon You can use labels (colored boxes in the Label column) in the Project panel and Timeline panel to organize and manage compositions, footage items, and layers.By default, different label colors indicate different kinds of footage items, but you can assign label colors to indicate whatever categories you choose.You can isolate one or more layers for animating, previewing, or final output by soloing.Soloing excludes all other layers of the same type from being rendered—both for previews in the Composition panel and for final output.By default, the A/V Features column appears to the left of the layer name, and the Switches and Modes (Transfer Controls) columns appear to the right, but you can arrange columns in a different order. The results of some layer switch settings depend on the settings of composition switches, which are in the upper right of the layer outline in the Timeline panel.(See Columns.)To show or hide columns in the Timeline panel, click the Layer Switches button in the lower-left corner of the Timeline panel. Collapses transformations if the layer is a precomposition; continuously rasterizes if the layer is a shape layer, text layer, or layer with a vector graphics file (such as an Adobe Illustrator file) as the source footage.If the layer is an adjustment layer, the Video switch controls whether the effects on the layer are applied to the composite of the layers below it.

Many of characteristics of a layer are determined by its layer switches, which are arranged in the Timeline panel in columns.You can choose between three options for quality: Best, Draft, and Wireframe.

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