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24-Sep-2020 04:02

I have used code like: // Wrap the child in a Default Mutable Tree Node and // add it to the tree. target.add(new Default Mutable Tree Node(new Item)); my Structure Changed(target); // Add the new child to the parent. I didn�t quite understand why to add childs as I am only editing existing nodes (but may change in the future...). Some idea on this if you know the position of the node to be changed, after do a reload, you can child Node is the node being changed.

user Child(new Item); This was when a new node was dropped on the tree. my Tree Model.reload(Tree Node); and my Tree Structure Changed(Tree Node); do the same as tree.update UI(), which means the changes are displayed but all branches collapse. This might not be the best idea but hope can give you some hints.

If I then add a node to the child of the node, then the tree updates OK and will show the node number as if all the ...

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Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.You select 'Colour' and all the data from the tree is grouped into colours, a new tree is built and .... Hi all, after editing a node in a jtree, how do i refresh this node so that the changes appear immediately.