Updating jeppfd

21-Jan-2020 13:45

Anyone notice they deleted a lot of military use aerodromes? What is it going to take for them to clean up their act and deliver your revisions on time and correctly?

What happens if I declare an emergency and need somewhere to land quick? morno I have been having a very haphazard service all year.

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Then, you’d click Add hours, but this time enter pm and pm.

Close all Apps (double click home button, press on one icon so that all vibrate and have an - on top left corner, then tap on the -s to close each app. However, to the Australian office's credit, a quick phone call and the amendments arrived 2 days later, along with one of the missing amendments in the mail.

Open Settings on i Pad, navigate to Jepp App, then in right pane, make note of serial number (4 groups of 4 characters). :ok: Apparently Jeppessen made a bit of a boo boo and assumed that as you can't land at a military airfield in the US (as a civilian), then the same applies in Australia. until someone realised that's not the case and all those charts will be going back in, in Revision 20. Lucky I kept the charts from 19, especially Willytown. A week later I received two copies of 19 in the post. When questioning the lady in the Canberra office she advised that they are aware of the problem and are trying to rectify it. Me accidentally pressing the home key part way through the update may have been instrumental in this crash.

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) and they said Willytown had accidentally been withdrawn as well (dual use). Whether or not this means all mil will return remains to be seen.

The problem seems widespread, and Jeppesen's response poor. Where, once, I received the amendments every fortnight on about the same day of the week now they are all over the shop.