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26-Sep-2020 07:39

So this is the line causing the problem every time I opened a new terminal window. You still need to follow what @aleroot said, but if that doesn't work for you, check the .bash_profile (or .bashrc) setting file to see if you've previously exported any java version.Install the JDK 7 and this problem will solve itself.

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There was no issue with the JAVA_HOME environmental variable being set I have come up with a temporary and somewhat painful but working solution.

For example running lists all installed JDKs (both 1.6.* and 1.7.*) on my machine. What should I set JAVA_HOME to on OSX), I would still recommend adding the following line to your .bash_profile: i resolved this issue by re installing Yosemite and then cross check java version on terminal (java -version) and (javac -version) . It is not changing to java 7 as version 6 still present on (command n) libray.