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The distribution map in the article is after the USDA page for the species (linked in references), and I would assume that is accurate or nearly so for the USA and Canada.My guess is that POWO omitted distribution data that referred to the subspecies, but it might be a case of incomplete sources rather than incomplete processing.Basically covers species comprehensively (garbage included). Does not cover species comprehensively outside of North America. WCSP: Curated independently from any other database.Excellent for species it covers, but doesn't cover all families. IPNI: Basically curated independently (there's no reason to consult it's source databases directly, and no other database I'm mentioning draws from them). Gives absolutely no opinions on synonym/accepted status. World Flora Online: Many institutions (including Kew) are working on this as the successor to The Plant List.I'm working on List of Prunus species and I'm wondering which databases are supposed to be consulted/included?In other words, which databases are drawing from other databases without contributing anything, which ones are full of garbage, which ones are too restrictive, etc.Peter coxhead (talk) , 27 July 2018 (UTC) It can safely be assumed that none of the databases are perfect. For species native only to Australia or North America, for example, there are regional databases that are scholarly and kept (reasonably) up-to-date.What I want is which ones are mirrors or otherwise not built by scholars. Also for some families and groups there are specialized databases, like ILDIS for legumes.

Lavateraguy (talk) , 28 July 2018 (UTC) I'm seeing a lot of usage of the term "Prunus pyrifolia" for apple pear Pyrus pyrifolia. It's not in any of the databases, but the MNHN herbarium (P? (The basionym is Ficus pyrifolia; the species presumably went by other names until the basionym was noticed.)It appears in legitimate sources spread out over 200 years, generally referring to apple pear, as Prunus pyrifolia Nakai, Prunus pyrifolia Burm. Do they have any insight into the genesis of this error?Pretend that I know nothing about the online databases, please. Prunus has a more-or-less worldwide distribution, so regional databases aren't likely to be useful.