Updating emergency disaster map

18-Jan-2020 06:28

I have hiked the cirque many times with my family in the past, and although the landscape in the cirque is quite stark, the views are superb and the hike may be one of the most popular in Kananaskis Country.

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If you have visited my website, and in particular my VE6AB ham radio galleries, you know that I have written about what you should have available to keep you and your family safe when a natural disaster or some other emergency should occur.I have other options available to me while going down the road that can help me or others out in an emergency, or while connecting from a remote location.Some of these options stored in my mobile include multiple AGM batteries, several solar panels, remote 12 VDC power-pack, 25' push-up mast with antennas, various transceivers including VHF APRS and HF APRS capability that on this day were keeping me connected to the APRS Network and on the map, while all the while, my cell-phone had no service.The suggested contents of a emergency go-kit vary, but the following essentials are included in my go-kit, although there is more that I carry in my mobile, not listed here, although what I have listed would serve you well in any emergency situation.

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So here are what I feel are the essentials....enough food and water to last for 72 hours.With the month of November winding down, I knew it was time to take a drive through Kananaskis Country located in the southern Alberta Rockies, and in particular over the Highwood Pass before the winter gates located at either end were locked down for the winter on December 1st.