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By the way, you shouldn’t assume that the copper water pipe in your house is a good grounding point.

Because of the wide use of plastic piping for the water-supply line into a house, the national code no longer allows the connection of a ground wire to a metal water pipe unless it’s within 5 ft. Connecting the grounding wire to the grounding stake at the main electrical panel is the safest bet if you choose to travel this route, but this installation procedure is probably best undertaken by a licensed electrician.

The conduit is clamped to the electrical outlet box on one end and to a known ground, such as the grounding stake on the other end (at the main panel).

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Attach both the black and white wires to the screw terminals on the line side.There are a couple of ways to change your old two-prong, ungrounded receptacles to three-prong, grounded receptacles safely without having to rewire your house.