Updating blackberry handheld software

29-Oct-2019 18:37

Now Download Software Black Berry Handheld Software v7.1.0.2494 (All Languages)Package Version: of: Applications: Platform: Name: 9790j All Lang_PBr7.1.0_rel2494_PL9.16.0.180_A7.1.0.907_Vodafone_File size: 258.83MBNote: The Software Platform and Applications version numbers can be found under the Options-About screen on the handheld.

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On any given day, you move between your computer, tablet and smartphone to accomplish various tasks, but these devices are not integrated.

This leads to lost productivity each time you switch from one device to the other. Black Berry® Blend is software you can download for your computer and tablet that seamlessly brings messaging and content that’s on your Black Berry smartphone to your computer and tablet. Simply download and install the software for your computer or tablet and then log in with your Black Berry ID.

The Black Berry Blend app is already installed on Black Berry smartphones running Black Berry 10 OS version 10.3 or later.1.

This application's main purpose is the synchronization of your device with your computer.

Whether it's about media files, e-mail or for applications, Black Berry Desktop Manager ensures you and manages an efficient linking between your Smartphone and your desktop without any data loss.Music, photos, video and files can all be synced and shared between your Black Berry® 10 devices and your PC or Mac with Black Berry® Link.

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