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04-Jul-2020 20:36

The third field, 0048, is the actual BIOS version level, and is what appears in the Intel web pages; if someone says you need to be at BIOS version 48, that is the number to look at.Field number four is the year and field five is the month and day in MMDD format in which the BIOS was released.At the time these were pretty close to state of the art but not top of the line. In addition, I use one for testing Fedora upgrades and other new software, and I use the other as a firewall and router for my network.I installed Core i3 G620 CPUs with 2 cores and no hyperthreading at 2.6GHz. To upgrade, I purchased a pair of unlocked Intel 17-3770K at 3.5GHz processors to replace the existing ones.After receiving the replacement processors I installed one in the test system because it does not perform any tasks critical to my network.Upon attempting to power up the system, I received nothing but a repeating pattern of three one second beeps from the motherboard speaker.

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The first field is the board model number and the second is probably an engineering release level.

This all started one day recently when I decided to upgrade two of my older Linux systems.

I have been running BOINC for several years to participate in various distributed computing environments and have been using those two computers almost exclusively as compute platforms for that purpose.

There is a Windows application that can install BIOS upgrades on modern computers while Windows is running but that is obviously not an option for me.

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So I need to approach BIOS upgrades a bit differently.At this point, I could not get to the BIOS to do any configuration so I removed the new CPU and put the old one back in.

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