Updating avg 8 5

11-Dec-2019 11:38

Although, I have no idea if the server is asking to be upgraded to 8.5 or not (I'll ask about that or check). if you want the server to puch down the updates, then yes.My work station has XP Pro and the server has Windows 2003 server. If you are just using avg for what it is, then go ahead, update it.I know it is still File Server 7.5 on the server and I know the other employee did upgrade her workstation from 7.5 to 8.5, so most likely the server is not programmed to push these updates down to us and the workstations are just reporting an update is available.

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By that logic, the file server should be updated first and then when the workstations are updated to 8.5 they need their update server address to be configured to file server's address.

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See you should have on the server the avg admin that you can force all the other computers on the network to update, but someone has to do this manually. Didn't you set it up when you didnt have an IT at the time a year or so ago?

makes it alot easier to admin all you computer from it. I know it makes my job alot easier once I set it up. If the IT peeps have it set to push down to your stations, let them do it, it not feel free to do it, but it will require a new key, and if your felow employee did there's, maybe they have the new key then. Yes, I have the key and so does one other employee.

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