Updating a passport 8500

01-Nov-2020 16:04

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Many people get tired of removing the detector and that tends to be the main reason they go for a more "permanent" installation. The Smart Plugs All nice and coiled up in its own section of the box is a Smart Plug. If you are looking for the reasons these detectors cost a bit more than others, this is one of them.

The Smart Plug does not improve performance, it is not for a "stealthy" installation, or anything like that. In many cars you can plug the cord into a lighter/outlet on the dash.

This is one area where if you like the canvas case, you get something much nicer than what comes with "higher-end" detectors.They come with a nice tear-out quick reference guide. We try to have a of all of the manuals we can find here on our site.In fact, if you are comparing a couple of detectors, I would recommend that you give their manuals a quick look.The Suction Cups and Clips I think we are all waiting on something better than the suction cups that come with all detectors.

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There are ways to get a bit more life out of old ones, but in time you have to replace them. They are also rather good, at least they are not plastic.Ultimate does mean there is nothing better, so it has to be the best, right? Well at least there is a picture of what the display looks like.