Updating a 1960 ranch home

04-Mar-2020 10:06

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The bright yellow plants add a nice touch of color to the gardens and draw the attention of passersby.Image courtesy of Pinterest Note the way this homeowner uses large rocks to create a border between his yard and the sidewalk as if to say to the public, "stay back".This house has a wide range of different colored shrubs to add color to his front yard.You could add a few colorful flowers to the gardens for a touch of color in the spring. Com If your family likes to spend lots of time in the great outdoors, why not build a nice patio in your backyard.

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This homeowner has used the space between the sidewalk and his house to create a garden filled with beautiful flowers and a tree that will provide tons of shade in the future.

Image courtesy of Home Design Ideas 2017Like apple pie and baseball, white picket fences are about as American as you can get.

While this might not be exactly what most people have in mind, it adds a cute touch the front yard of this house. Image courtesy of Grolie Home Adding an island garden is a great way to break up a sea of grass like this one.

I’ve been having a blast, from partaking in Christmas parties, plays, and dinners with friends and am thoroughly enjoying this month.

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I’ve got a fun project I’m helping with and want to share it with y’all today! One of my friends from my church and fellow choir member, Andrea, has lived in this 1950’s brick ranch house off the Marietta square for 14 years.

This home has a narrow garden that runs the length of the porch.

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