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I'm seeing a few possible resolutions on these threads like manual re-linking and getting closer to wireless router, re-installing Assistant 2, etc., etc. In the past things didn't work until 5 or 6 reboots of drone and RC, etc.Perhaps a DJI Admin could chime in here like Natalia or Mindy or someone.Indeed it’s vital that the CMS System Repository database is updated as part of the update process.You can update from any version of BI4.0 to any Support Pack version on BI4.1 or BI4.2 directly.

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We’ll also talk about those very important documentation ‘bugs’.Unfortunately the BI4.1 update, BI4.1 SP1 update and BI4.1 Patch update documentation will have you incorrectly believe this.The following sentences in those guides are not correct: We’re sorry for the confusion and we’re busy correcting the guide for the next release.On the tablet I started DJI GO, and on the splash screen I was advised that the RC needed a firmware upgrade - do I want to? Then I just needed to power cycled both devices, and performed a manual connection (C1 C2 Record).

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I am experiencing the same issue, only in my case, using DJI GO4, the P4P upgraded fine to 1.2.0604 (?However a full installation is not needed to recover disk space consumed by installing Patches or Support Packs over and over again.

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