University professor dating student

06-Oct-2019 20:42

“If you’re the teacher thinking about pursuing a relationship with a student, 10 times out of 10 times the answer should be no, don’t do it,” said Leah Stevens, a faculty member at the American Music Institute and People’s Music School in Chicago.

“There’s no gray area for me.” On one hand, college students are adults.

On the other, can they make a decision of their own free will when the other person has all of the power?

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College professors are leaders, exhibiting confidence and authority in the classroom, lecture hall and office. “You’re that scared that he could destroy it.” Jennifer J.Freyd, a psychologist at the University of Oregon, agreed that professors who pursue students put the students in a “terrible bind.” “It’s hard for them to have the freedom to say no,” Freyd said. College professors are teaching our future leaders.

A former University of Cincinnati flute professor accused of sexual misconduct over two decades may also have had consensual sexual relationships with at least six students, according to UC investigators' report.That is, some students might have willingly gotten romantically involved with him.