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For example, say you are offered a chocolate bar or a lollipop.

You have to choose to give up one to get the other.

What you have to do is make sure that you really are always there for him, whenever he may need it.

There may be days when you don't feel as stable, e.g.

But you had to give up the chocolate, which had an economic profit of $.45. But if you didn’t have a choice and were only offered the lollipop, you wouldn’t have given anything up and would have gained an economic profit of $.85. The theater knows fewer people see movies in the afternoon.

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For example, you took the lollipop, which has an economic profit, what you gain from the choice, of $.85. For example, a movie theater offers matinee prices.

How To Be Like His Mom It's all about turning up the motherly features in this article.

No one likes to be mothered, especially when they're all grown up and independent, so none of that pulling out the handkerchief and rubbing a speck of dirt on your man's face.

But by offering a matinee price, the theater ended up selling five tickets.

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