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30-Mar-2020 21:26

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At first glance, it may appear that some of these studies do not report consistent findings in terms of ultrasound's overall accuracy in predicting gestational age.

One must keep in mind, however, that there are differences in both the statistical analysis and in how the results are reported.

Considering the many important uses of this technology during pregnancy, it's fair to wonder, how accurate are ultrasounds?

Michael Rothman, MD, a neuroradiologist practicing in Maryland, explains to Romper that an ultrasound works much like sonar, with energy applied to the body by a microphone — called a — creating an acoustic echo.

Looking specifically at adverse perinatal outcomes, such as fetal death, neonatal death, or neonatal morbidity, the authors found no clinical benefit to routine ultrasound screening in pregnancy.

They further concluded that the costs associated with routine screening were too prohibitive to justify its use in the absence of clear medical indications.

According to American Pregnancy Association, a first trimester ultrasound can also determine if you have an ectopic or molar pregnancy, and if you have more than one baby on the way.

Around week 20, an ultrasound might be used to detect fetal abnormalities.

Personally, I found it super reassuring to check in on my baby at key points along the journey.

If you have any kind of problem — you've gone past your due date, the baby's not moving much, or something just doesn't feel right — an ultrasound can tell you how things are going and even alert your doctor to a potential emergency.