Twitterfeed not updating facebook

26-May-2020 14:33

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'Account' is of no interest as all it gives is 'change password', 'change e-mail address' and 'delete account' - you don't want to do any of those, considering you have just set up the account.On the other hand 'help' is useful, if this article is not helpful enough. Which brings us to 'dashboard': that is the baby that you will be coming back to again and again. If you have previously set up some feeds you will get a listing of them, but that is not for this article.Just go to and you will see the screen above (the number will have moved on, but otherwise....). All you need is an e-mail account, any e-mail account: even a free one from Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail (it does not even have to be confirmed! But one little tip here: sign up with the e-mail address that is linked to your Twitter account. First get a new e-mail address; then set up forwarding to your main account; then set up a new Twitter account with that new e-mail address; then return to Twitterfeed to set up the feed.[I am assuming at this point that you have an RSS feed to push, if not, see me later].Then refreinding them then syncing and linking again.

i noticed this after linking a contact to their new live id, however at least one facebook only contact is not updating either!Before I start I have a warning and an apology for you.Warning: This information, if used judiciously, could seriously increase your wealth. The first words on the right hand side, at the top, are sign-up.[See an offer you cannot refuse, at the end of this article.] Once you have entered Twitterfeed for real you will note, at the top of the screen: account, blog and careers.

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The last two are of interest only if they are of interest.I also suggest, although I do not think it is necessary to use it here on Twitterfeed, that you sign up for the bitly URL shortening service.

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