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Socks, a blanket, more clothes, sleepers and a jacket, and soon Tarja was breathing heavily while she went through the streets of the shopping lane, a frown on her face. "She glared at the man who was shooting a picture of her carrying the bags all alone. "Tarja sighed but then she agreed, placing down her bags.

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I needed to say thank you, because my last stories were/are such a big success. I would take him back immediately."Tuomas secretly admired her strength.

And two weeks after that we saw us for the first time since new year's eve." Tarja didn't say a word. "Well, I do hope so for you or will never see daylight again.""Geez, why would I want to rape you? Honestly, he would never rape his favourite singer! Tarja groaned and walked on, without turning around."Tarja! ""Well, truth be told - I'm not surprised", Marco said with raised eyebrows. But still it's hard to imagine that he could cheat on Johanna. I know I should just - I should avoid Tuomas and Johanna until I press out the baby and then I should grab Namu and go back to Marcelo -""No", Marco interrupted her and Tarja stared at him."No? "I know you still love him and I'm sure that he loves you and misses you more than anything. "I don't think he said a word.""Or your fans just figured? "And if your heart tells you to keep the baby, then nothing speaks against it."Tarja smiled up at her bearded friend, but he wasn't done yet."But tell me, Tarja ... And that was one of the reasons he was always in a bad mood lately, the possibility that there was a chance that his playing would be limited, and the fact that he had cheated om Johanna again."She carried all her shopping bags alone", Marco informed him, but Tuomas didn't even look up.

"Tarja, twelve weeks ago you came back from Finland. In her mind she counted, and really - the date of the impregnation fell back to the end of January/beginning of February. "I didn't want to rape you."Tarja's eyes were full of fury as she hissed at the man, not knowing that his friend was recording everything. Tarja grabbed her bags and hurried away, while the man turned to his friend. ", a sudden voice called after Tarja a few minutes later. You get pregnant and suddenly you leave your husband - that almost screams cheating."Tarja stared at her fingernails. ""You should listen to your heart", Marco said gently and placed his hand on the pregnant woman's shoulder. I can't go on like this."Marco massaged his temples. And then he would probably need physical therapy, otherwise he would never be able to play the piano again.

And that you will keep your baby ...""He can't keep anything for himself, huh? "I feel guilty because I'm causing so much unhappiness inside that poor man. Maybe I'll look for a new work, like singing teacher or something.""What? She mainly stalked fan pages and since there were a lot of them, she got a lot to read. And I still believe that he's the father of the second baby.'Tarja's eyes widened. Marjatta looked pale while she clenched a sheet of paper."What is this? she's crying."All eyes went to Tuomas, who seemed helpless. ", Floor asked and Marjatta nodded again."She's in the living room."Tuomas and Floor quickly looked at each other and within a second and without exchanging words, they had decided what to do. ", he asked and Tarja answered without looking at him."Yes but I'm too lazy to stand up ...""Oh, Tari", Tuomas sighed and sunk down on his knees right next to her."The letter is there", she mumbled and lifted her hand a little, making Tuomas pull it out of her hand."That's in Spanish", he noted and Tarja sighed, slowly starting translating, without looking at the text.

After they had given an autograph to the very nervous waitress and another guest, they were left alone at last."So ... I haven't heard about him for more than two weeks", Tarja said carefully."Well, his arm is broken, which means he can't play", Marco said and Tarja sighed. He looks a little depressed, if you ask me ...""I caused that", Tarja mumbled and Marco nodded."He has told us why it happened. ", he started, smiling at the depressed woman encouraging."I will avoid Tuomas and Johanna just as I should and I will give birth to the baby ... Then I'll move back to Finland permanently and I'll ... Luckily some fans didn't hesitate to post their opinions openly, and Tarja figured out that many of them were standing behind her. I hope they'll find together again.'Person 3: 'Damn, the feels are killing me. A scream ripped her out of her thoughts and as her mother entered her room, everything was forgotten within a second. Later they were sitting in a small café, Tarja clenching a cup of tea, Marco a glass of beer. He had known that he would be able to help her with sorting out her thoughts."So you will –? "I've been a singer for more than twenty years, and if I stop now, I can say with proudness that I'm happy about how my career went.""But stop singing?? "I'll just stop giving concerts, producing CDs, ...""You're crazy", Marco said with a shake of his head. Her biggest hobby had grown to be stalking fans and their opinion about her adultery. So, fans thought of her and Tuomas as a cute couple? Tarja knew that there were Fanfictions about them, but she didn't know that there still were 'hardcore shippers', as she thought of them ...