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18-Sep-2020 16:11

On September 25th the movie based on his first book was released. This is a bold empirical claim Tucker is making here. Personally, I had a friend in college who is Tucker Max. But I was always shocked by how much he got away with, especially with women.

That is, if you conceptualize winning as racking up a lot of different sexual partners.), you see they also do a good job predicting number of sexual partners. In the words of Nettle, "Less conscientious individuals favor immediate opportunities, with little regard for their future consequences.They are impulsive about pleasures and procrastinate about work. Or take the so-called "dark triad" traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism (manipulativeness), and psychopathy (callousness, lying, thrill-seeking).One of my favorite articles on the topic comes from the Advice Goddess Amy Alkon. According to Alkon "The difference is in the desperation. Come to think of it, Dexter doesn't kill innocent babies.

He's killing "bad" people, which makes him out to be more of the charming, suave, daring, and confident hero with an edge (think James Bond) than a killer.His book was a best-seller, so something was clearly lost in translation. I first noticed it in 2006 while I was analyzing a dataset for a presentation I gave at the that year.