Trying to connect to a wireless network validating identity

28-Jun-2020 06:31

trying to connect to a wireless network validating identity-22

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I apologize for being redundant, but this is the key point.

Since the EAP supplicant isn't connected to a network before deciding to pass along your username/password, it is limited in the information it can use to make this decision.

Network Access Control or NAC, is one of the terms that if I polled 20 Secur Edge clients, most of them would have a different way to define NAC.

The issue is that there are so many security products out there and there is so much discussion around the term, that the lines are blurred as to what it is and what a true NAC solution should do.

The reality is that currently, you can’t solve the NAC puzzle with just one product (regardless of what equipment providers tell you).

You have to build a wireless network system and a wired network system that are integrated with security appliances that will give you the control and enforcement you need to feel comfortable.

My school is requiring that I download a wifi certificate to use the school wifi on my phone but i was wondering what downloading the certificate entails since it doesn't really tell you if I download this can they see what I do on my phone at home or just on the wifi The former is more security in that individual users of Wi Fi can be identified, and linked to the network traffic they create.

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