Trina and french montana dating

06-Jun-2020 04:16

She detailed about her side of the story saying she was in such a point of life where she saw herself being someone`s wife (Kenyon) but Kenyon just wanted a hot girlfriend. Trina`s recent dates include French Montana (2012-2014).

This relationship ended in a love triangle situation involving Trina, Montana and Khloe (one of the Kardashain sisters).

ā€œDid Khloe Kardashian start dating French Montana when he was still with Trina? ā€œI was single as a šŸ’µ dollar bill šŸ™,ā€ he responded to Hilton.

Karma is a B$TCH and Trina was dating him while he was still married, so again karma is a B$TCH.