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09-Jan-2020 06:17

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Are we "passing" in a way that fits the cisnormative ideal that is forced on most trans individuals?

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I didn’t need to focus on performing as female, didn’t feel that I needed to "pass" to survive.

I ran back to my towel and repeated this until I collapsed.

That feeling of freedom and joy was something I hadn't really felt in that capacity before.

My breasts were growing, and I was not "passing." In the midst of all that, we traveled to this incredibly conservative Southern beach destination, and I only got through it by drinking copiously, hiding behind my family, and when all else failed, staying behind in the hotel room.

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The second time, I went to a very different beach: Jacob Riis Park in Far Rockaway, Queens.

My body is a really intricate, amazing blob of skin and bones and muscles that houses me and allows me to get from point A to point B, to experience the world, to love people, to help people.

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