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04-Oct-2020 08:49

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He's a German guy, and he has a beautiful line, and I use the gold line. She really just sort of deals with your skin and the juiciness of your skin, and I love it. I'm not a big drinker; my body doesn't like sugar so much.

None other than lifelong feminist and certified boss Tracee Ellis Ross.

She’s also an activist, size-inclusive fashion designer, selfie *queen* and, as it was made v.

clear this year in particular, a F-cking Powerful Woman (TM).

When she shares incredibly empowering messages for women, or encourages her followers to vote or simply reminds us that she too is relatable when it comes to putting on a *fire* outfit, she makes me feel heard and loved.

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She reminds women that we can be bosses, we can lift each other up and, yes, we can still care about selfies and fashion at the same time. But even though we’re still angry, and still have to fight the good fight, we should all take a page from Tracee Ellis Ross’ book and do so while being unapologetically ourselves…*and* doing it together."What I put in my body gives me fuel to kind of go and be able to make it through a full day or a long day—and how I snack does too, because certain foods taste really good in your mouth, but once they hit your stomach they make you tired.

This is also the home of the most extreme phone services, from domination to submission, from pissing to spanking, black, Asian, fat, thin, young or old, there is definitely a fetish for every bad boy!… continue reading »

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