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28-Feb-2020 11:21

If just five per cent of phones in a city use the app, the company says, then messages can travel through the mesh of off-the-grid phones to cross the entire city within a few minutes.

However, the application is taking off on the Android and i Phone markets, as many people are interested in chatting “off the grid.”What do you think of this “off the grid” messaging technology? In a mesh network, there are no choke points through which all traffic passes. The Fire Chat app allows users to stay connected off the grid. More recently, the Serval Project was developed Mesh networks are almost invulnerable.It also lets users create live chatrooms which tens of thousands of people can access simultaneously to share real-time news -- one reason the app has been popular among activists in Hong Kong, Iraq and Russia to stay in touch even when governments were blocking phone signals.

"Telcos have already had their business taken by Whats App, We Chat and Line," Benoliel told WIRED at the Rise conference in Hong Kong.The creator of a popular free smartphone messaging app, which doesn't need a network signal and can't be blocked by governments, says he plans to turn it into a full mobile carrier that will never charge for calls or messages.

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