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10-Oct-2019 10:22

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As we all know, people in developed countries are generally very relaxed, which means we don’t have to get dressed up every single day.

In fact, most women in developed countries don’t dress very well!

Even I saw some comments including engenia as a methodology for the creation of Brazilian women, which is totally absurd.

So here we go, I will write down by topic to facilitate. 1) Mixed People Yes, it would be a decisive factor but that’s not all.

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The Indians are the same kind of animal, so ugly that it hurts. Yes, the skin of the Orientals at least the Japanese, is much thicker than the Europeans. The birth of several children bastards among the slaves was normal, and the “whitening” process desirable, for it would mean to be free or benefited.It is true that in most Latin American countries, women like men from developed countries, because a man from a developed countries often has more money and can give his wife a visa to live in that rich country. Brazil is one of the best developing countries in the world.If you look at the magnificent Olympic Games in Brazil in 2016, you would know the majority of Brazilian women are living a relatively comfortable life in Brazil.It’s all right to kiss her after talking to her for one hour.

You don’t have to wait for a few weeks to have sex with her. That means once you see she is happy to have sex with you, you should initiate sex.

You can not merge any people in order to obtain a higher standard of beauty … What I can say is that the athletic body is certainly due in large part when it comes to standard woman, due to mixing with blacks. In Brazil many white people have the same ancestral traits of black, for example, that I’m half Japanese … I have ancestors Brazilian Indians, Dutch, Portuguese, Italians, blacks …