Top 10 most intimidating animals

28-Jun-2020 15:00

From 1,000-pound man-eating crocodiles to tiny parasite-carrying insects, humans face many threats in the natural world, especially when it comes to the planet’s deadliest animals.

Some are the kind of dramatic killers that make the evening news, like shark attacks or the occasional bear mauling.

But Africanized honeybees, the result of a 1957 crossbreeding experiment gone wrong, are far more aggressive, likely to swarm, and willing to chase their victims for miles—and yes, when the chase ends, it’s deadly.

They’re also growing increasingly common in the southern and western U. They’re one of the deadliest animals that are also our own, human creation.

You’ll find these nightmares in North Africa and dry regions of the Middle East.

Native to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and, as per its namesake, India, these hooded creatures are immediately recognizable and can grow five to six feet long.

Their bites cause severe pain, swelling, and paralysis, with death occurring in as little as 15 minutes for those left untreated.

It can take five days for the victim to die of internal bleeding.

which cause what’s known as African Sleeping Sickness (with symptoms including poor coordination, disrupted sleep and eventually death).

These guys may look ungainly and goofy, but these animals can be frightening: they have an aggressive streak and can run up to 14 miles an hour, or about twice as fast as most people jog.

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