Todd english dating

27-Mar-2020 21:26

For most, the question is where you'll dance once the wounds have scarred over; for English, there's no question.

Sure, he'll be a little more cautious, a little more alert, but he can't quit the fire's edge.

It is a dizzying number of businesses to maintain, and many wonder if one chef can possibly keep an eye on so many pots. “I don't want to have an empire,” says Clio's Ken Oringer, who himself felt the klieg lights when named him to its most-eligible-bachelors list last year.

“I want to be in the kitchen, and if I weren't, [the restaurant] wouldn't have the same personality.” William Todd English was born in Amarillo, Texas, but grew up in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Six-foot-three with jet-black hair, algae-green eyes, and an impossibly square jaw, he's cartoonishly good-looking, every feature exaggerated, overblown.

He'll make one hopeful young chef very, very nervous in an on-the-spot four-course-meal tryout.

He'll don his own chef's whites and spend hours testing recipes.

Todd English blazes into the lobby of Las Vegas's Bellagio hotel and casino, better dressed and moving faster than anyone else at this early morning hour. I've been in the lobby for the better part of an hour, waiting for English to show up.

He looks striking in his dark suit, dark shirt, and dark tie, nattering on his cell phone. It took weeks to arrange this interview, and the Boston celebrity chef's dizzying schedule means that this Tuesday morning in Las Vegas is the only time I can catch him.Talented, photogenic, and charismatic, English was born to reap the benefits.