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Until the 1950s it was virtually unknown outside its own region.

That all changed when American newspapers published pictures of some clay figurines recovered by local excavators.

Additionally, there were so many figurines that it seemed the whole town would have had to be in on the scam.

The Acambaro Figurines: Investigating the Artifacts Rejection of the authenticity of the objects was equally passionate.

Professional archaeologists set about trying to debunk the figures.

According to Alex Pezzati, an archivist at the University of Pennsylvania: In 1952, Charles Di Peso (or Di Peso), an archaeologist affiliated with the Amerind Foundation in Arizona, visited Acámbaro, studied Julsrud’s collection, and observed two excavators at work.

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Even this study, published in American Antiquity, however, failed to convince those who argued that the figurines were genuine.There are various escort service agencies available in Delhi.