The consolidating smartphone pie

19-Feb-2020 18:51

the consolidating smartphone pie-65

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So far in 2018, we’ve heard the company is going to release more phones than ever this year and that they were scaling back and had to lay off employees (in the same week, no less) so we’re not sure just what to expect in the coming months.One thing I am pretty sure of is that every one of those 2017 phones, as well as any we see in 2018, will be updated to Android Pie.Or maybe when you build like 100 different models, an update day feels more like a Tuesday than something special.These may be the companies we’re most familiar with in the west that sell Android phones, but they aren’t the only companies doing it.

In fact, the Essential PH-1 is seeing its update at the same time the Pixel and Pixel 2 are!That’s right, no bullet point list of the highlight models.Every Moto phone manufactured in 2017 or later will see Android Pie.Out of the literally hundreds of models available, a few stand out and need mentioning.

Like mentioned earlier, these are just educated guesses at this point.Samsung makes more models of a single flagship line like the Galaxy S each year than Google has made in total, but it’s also pretty easy to know which phones Samsung will update because they’re predictable. like 2018’s Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 , the Galaxy S9 Active that we all know is coming, and the Galaxy Note 9.