Template not updating dreamweaver man and dating

17-Nov-2020 00:12

Duplicate the current template for safety and then rename it to ENRMD_and choose not to update the child pages with the name change. Hi, The changes I'm trying to make just to get it to update are being made outside of an editable region.

Turns out that she couldn't update the child pages because she did not have the site mapped in Dreamweaver.That's why I was asking if I needed to just map Site1 as a separate site and make the changes, and then upload those changes to the root.I apologize if you've already answered this and I'm just not understanding it. I am making changes to an editable region (in this case a menu).

You test this by creating a brand new page and then applying the template..will see your changes show up on that new page but any future changes to the menu in the will not update the new page either. Change the file so your menu is no longer inside of an editable region. Originally I was building this site with PHP includes to simplify my life when it came to updating things like that menu.All other sites would just be like you said..their own folder... If "root" has a site definition of its own, then yes..will have issues because the other site definitions are nested within root and the caches will be in conflict.