Tea party harmony dating

06-Apr-2020 17:12

Matcha is prepared with bamboo whisks ("chasen") and served in hand-crafted bowls ("chawan").

It was not until the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) that tea was prepared by steeping the whole leaves in water, like it is today.

Tea's origin story is infused with a blend of myth and fact and colored by ancient concepts of spirituality and philosophy. when the Emperor Shen Nong, a skilled ruler and scientist, accidentally discovered tea.

According to Chinese legend, the history of tea began in 2737 B. While boiling water in the garden, a leaf from an overhanging wild tea tree drifted into his pot.

Upon awaking, he was so distraught that he cut off his eyelids, and threw them to the ground.

It was not until the Tang dynasty (618-907), often referred to as the classic age of tea, did consumption become widespread.

He described types of tea, its uses, as well as the preparation and benefits of drinking it.

More importantly, he imbued the writings with a spiritual aesthetic that reflected Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucian religious thoughts of the time.

However, tea didn't make a lasting appearance in the West until the 17th century.

A Portuguese missionary is attributed with bringing tea to Europe while caravanning back and forth between Portugal and China, but it was not seriously traded until Dutch merchants entered the picture in 1610.Led by the Sung dynasty (960-1280 AD.), poetry and artistic references to tea abounded.

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