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19-Nov-2019 21:39

Instead, they compare what they see to themselves and become anxious because they don’t perform or look like what they’re viewing – they begin to believe that there’s something wrong with them or with their genitals – which creates the shame base that is core to addictive process.Another danger in teen use of Internet pornography is revealed in a review of top selling pornography videos by Wosnitzer and Bridges (2007).

Because addiction is a shame-based illness and becomes a solution to anxiety and the stress of trauma, the patient’s recovery includes developing a complete understanding of his or her unresolved issues.Rob Weiss, LCSW, author and expert on the relationship between technology and human sexuality, explained it succinctly at a workshop he gave for therapists in Atlanta: “It’s all about chasing that emotional high, loosing themselves in image after image, prostitute after prostitute, affair after affair.They end up losing relationships, getting diseases, and losing jobs.”The scenario in Rob’s description above is similar to Glenn’s story earlier in this blog, because the compulsive use of Internet pornography often leads to compulsive sexual behavior in real life, and, much like drug addiction, recovery from its lure takes a lot of therapy. D., founder of IITAP, noted author, and specialist in the clinical treatment of sexual addiction has found, after 40 years of research, that a viable recovery process for sex addicts takes at least 3 ½ years and for most, 5 years.This has tremendous repercussions for their families, as children suffer lack of attention due to extremes of parental preoccupation; become involved in parental conflicts; struggle with their parents’ marital separation and/or divorce; live in a home where the atmosphere holds an inappropriate erotic charge, and the heaviness of emotional trauma; or are directly exposed to cyber-porn on their family computer or their parents’ cell-phones.

I can’t tell you how many times a couple has come into my therapy office over the last five years and told me that their young child, while on the computer or playing with the phone, is the one who accidently discovered a father or mother’s secret life.

Their oldest daughter was applying to colleges, and though Glenn had been a successful medical supplies salesman for years, the balance in their daughter’s college fund was down to one-thousand- dollars. Glenn had spent it all – first, on porn sites; later on prostitutes.