Sy uzeit not updating Cakare sex

14-Sep-2020 09:23

If the return code is anything other than 0, then you should do the following: write out or save the message table use the BDCDATA table that you generated for the CALL TRANSACTION USING to generate a batch input session for the faulty transaction. You can then analyze the faulty transaction and correct the error using the tools provided in the batch input management facility.

For the screens you want processed, fill all desired fields. Use a CALL DIALOG statement to call the dialog module and to pass it to the BDCDATA table. CALL FUNCTION 'BDC_INSERT' EXPORTING TCODE = 'SE38' TABLES DYNPROTAB = BDCDATA. "------------------------------------------------------------* " Insert second transaction * "------------------------------------------------------------* PERFORM GEN_BDC_DATA. " End CREATE_GROUP *----------------------------------------------------------------* * * * Call Transaction Using * * * *----------------------------------------------------------------* FORM CALL_TRANSACTION. WRITE: SY-SUBRC, SY-MSGTY, SY-MSGID, SY-MSGNO, SY-MSGV1. update zsd00003 set zlogdato = sy-datumzlogtid = sy-uzeitwhere zdriftscenter = g_screen0100-zdriftscenter. data: begin of i_material occurs 0,matnr like mara-matnr,maktx like makt-maktx,end of i_material. select matnrappending corresponding fields of table i_materialfrom mara. Update with where clause This statement updates the fields zlogdato and zlogtid for the records thatsatisfies the where clause.* Build selection table SELECT * FROM zsd00010WHERE zaftaletype = ‘0/0’. it_select_fkart-sign = ‘I’.it_select_fkart-option = ‘EQ’.it_select_fkart-low = zsd00010-fkart.* it_select_fkart-high = .

Error Analysis and Restart Capability Unlike "classical" batch input processing using sessions, CALL TRANSACTION USING processing does not provide any special handling for incorrect transactions. *------------------------------------------------------------* * In editor, go to bottom of report * *------------------------------------------------------------* PERFORM BDC_DYNPRO USING 'SAPMSEDT' '2310'. *------------------------------------------------------------* * Insert line into report * *----------------------------------------------------- ------* PERFORM BDC_DYNPRO USING 'SAPMSEDT' '2310'. *------------------------------------------------------------* * Go to bottom of report again * *------------------------------------------------------------* PERFORM BDC_DYNPRO USING 'SAPMSEDT' '2310'. *------------------------------------------------------------* * Modify line in report and save report * * (Enter f11 in ok-code) * *------------------------------------------------------------* PERFORM BDC_DYNPRO USING 'SAPMSEDT' '2310'. Working with single entries select * from ska1where saknr = ‘77004500’.* Do something with datamove-corresponding ska1 to itab.append itab. Reading all entries into an internal table This is more efficient that example 1 select * from ska1 into table itabwhere saknr like ‘77%’order by saknr. at i_material.write: / i_material-matnr, i_material-maktx.endloop. JOINs in open SQL INNER JOIN One or more lines on the right-hand table is linked to a line in theleft-hand table.